Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What a month!

Okay, so not much has really happened for us this past month, but life sure does fly by when two wonderful children laugh, hug, cry, scream, crawl, and run. The Smith household has definitely changed since Spenser has started crawling. I am usually chasing after Spenser, who is chasing after Chloe, and trying to get into her room while she slams the door in his face. I am constantly struggling with Spenser to eat more than Ritz crackers and bread. I am constantly fighting with Chloe over who is really the mother in each situation that occurs during the day. However, when I feel as though everything is falling to pieces and I might just need to drive two hours just to drop them off at the grandparents house, my beautiful four year old little girl crawls into my lap and tells me that she loves me. Or, my rambunctious 9 month old (that is right...he is already nine months) sees me down the hallway and crawls as fast as he can to get to me. I never imagined that having two children would hinder me from taking showers some days or even eating a decent meal, however, the joy is amazing and the love is great with my family.

Spenser crawling through his tent

Beautiful Chloe
Snow cones at the park

Chloe dressed herself, can you tell?

Spenser did not want to take any pictures and was looking for help from his sister

Sometimes, Spenser will lift up his leg and just hold his foot

Pumpkin patch at Nana and Pappy's church

wrestling with sister

Spenser loves to snuggle with stuffed animals

This picture is just because Spenser looks so darn cute

A new shirt I made for Spenser (above he is also wearing a new shirt I made)