Monday, February 8, 2010


talking and playing...

Wrestling with mommy....

Being cute....(the ONLY picture she has let me take recently)
Getting caught playing in the toilet....gross, I know!
(and please excuse the messy bathroom)
(and yes...that is a pink hat he is wearing)


Spenser's First Haircut I have been a little behind in updating the blog...however, with two kids and another one on the way, my time seems to slip by much faster than before! A few weeks ago, Chloe and I took Spenser to get his first haircut. For the longest time, I told everyone that I was not going to get Spenser's haircut, he was my little baby boy, and I just didn't want to lose that with him. However, I was SO tired of constantly wiping his hair out of his eyes, that I decided it was finally time to give in and let my baby boy grow up.