Friday, April 29, 2011


My darling Chloe you are six years old today. My, how big you are. Your beauty amazes me each day and your thirst for knowledge is so impressive. You are slowly turning into this big kid and I could not be more proud to be your mother.

Since your birth, I have prayed for your salvation. I knew that I could not give that to you. I knew that I could not make you believe. I knew that I could just bring the Gospel, bring our Heavenly Father to you. I knew that I could have faith that one day you would believe. That one day, you would feel His presence and know that he is God. Well, that day has happened. Weeks before your sixth birthday, you began a new life, a life in Christ. I am overflowing with joy for you, my daughter, my new sister in Christ.

My, oh my, how kindergarten has changed you. Your tiny little world has grown into this vast openness and readiness for learning. Soon, way too soon, you will be in first grade. Turning six is the first step. You no longer need me that much. I am still dealing with that. You are are reading. I am in awe.

I love you Chloe Elizabeth. I love your silly little books you write. I love your love for Justin Beaver. I love your heart. I love your mind. I love that you love your Spenser and Olivia. I love your girly squeals. I love it when you say that "this is the best day ever" just because I bought you an apple pie from Mcdonalds. I love your BFF, Lydia. I love your first lost tooth. I love that you prefer to wear only dresses or skirts. I love that you are saving up your money to buy your very own video game even though it might take you years. I love that you love me even on my worst day. I love that when I haven't washed my hair in two days you tell me how beautiful I am. I love that you are my first born. I love that you are forgiving. I love that you are happy. I love that you are a believer. I love because you love.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter 2011

The Smith family had such a wonderful Easter this year. All three kids were beautiful and it was amazing knowing that Chloe was baptized the weekend before. We are one of "those" families that tries to match during each holiday. So, this year, the color choice was pink and then blue/gray. I made Spenser's tie shirt (love it!), I made Olivia's onesie and her shoes, and then I made the girls' matching yo yo headbands.

 He is risen!

Monday, April 25, 2011

What a month....

The month of April is just too much for me these days. I had two MOPS ( meetings, I hosted and coordinated my BFF's baby shower, my sweet Chloe was baptized and my lovely Olivia was dedicated at church, and we have a million birthdays this month. (well maybe not a million, but we have two cousins, two friends, and two aunts who have birthdays....and our very own CHLOE!)

That brings me to a preview of what is to come this Saturday. My oh-so-excited, soon-to-be six year old is having a Sweet Shoppe birthday party. She officially turns six on Friday and she is counting down the days. I have a preview of the sweet shoppe sign that will hang above the sweets table. I attempted a vintage feel and I really think that the party is coming together. My goal has been lately to make as much of the party decor, etc as I can. Most of what I do is either borrowed from the internet or was inspired by something that I saw on one of a million craft blogs that I stalk.

Here is the sign. It's hard to see in this photo, and I promise to get a closer up picture of it the day of the party, but I actually sewed the crepe paper into ruffles to give it more depth. (if you click on the picture, it might let you see it enlarged) I just love how it turned out and I cannot wait until Saturday. I can't tell who is more excited, Chloe or me! I probaby won't sleep much this week, but it will be totally worth it. Until later...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Now my sins are washed away...

Those were the firsts words whispered by Chloe after she was baptized by her Pappy at our church this morning.

Yes, my beautiful daughter, your sins are now washed away.

Her Meme and Papa gave her a cross necklace and a bookmark

 Joul and I gave her a pink Bible

 Family picture attempt #1

Family picture attempt #2 (neither turned out good, oh well)

Olivia and her Nanna (Olivia was dedicated at church this morning)

Getting ready to be Baptized

Chloe and her Pappy

 "Now my sins are washed away"