Thursday, July 22, 2010

Olivia's far

The dresser/changing table....I still need to put a changing pad in the middle. I also covered a plastic box with brown/white polka dot fabric to hold the burp rags that I made. You can see her cute little "going home from the hospital" outfit next to the diaper box I made a while ago.

The wall art above the dresser/changing table. Not much, but I made the pictures on the computer and then decoupaged them onto canvases. I really wanted some form of art on the wall, however, everything I liked was just ridiculously I got crafty.

The wonderful glider rocker...with the quilt that my mom made for Olivia (which is also the same fabric I have bought to make the crib skirt...which I haven't even started)

Olivia's name that is on the wall above her crib (which we still need to buy)

The wonderful blankets that my mother made for Olivia

In the next month I will have hopefully finished, or at least started, Olivia's crib skirt. I am also going to attempt to make her sheets as well, but if I run out of time, I will just have to buy those. I will finally buy her crib, which I have been putting off for obvious reasons....who wants to really put another crib together? I do have the crib picked out and I think it will look just fabulous in her girly girl room.