Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Anyone who says SUNSHINE brings happiness
has never
danced in the RAIN!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Just me and the baby

Well, Chloe is spending this week with her Mimi and Papa in College Station. Joul, Spenser, and I miss her like crazy. Chloe called me at lunch today and told me that she misses me, but that she is having so much fun at Mimi and Papa's house. I just thought I would share some cute pics of Spenser that I took this morning.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I cannot believe that my baby boy is six months old already! Joul and I are so blessed to have Spenser as our son.

This is what our Spenser has been doing lately:

Spenser has totally fallen in love with his pacy. We did not think that he would do this because for the past few months he has not even wanted one. However, recently, he LOVES to have it as much as he can. He has been eating baby food very well for the past month or so and we have even started giving him this food twice a day. His favorite toy is his dumbbell rattle and he gets a big kick out of shaking it really hard. He is sitting up by himself really well and is finally taking some really good naps in his bed. He is still fascinated with being outside and he has this crazy hair that seems to get bigger the longer he is outside in the humidity. He absolutely adores his big sister Chloe and can just talk to her forever! As long as she is around, he is quite content. He weighs a little over 16 pounds and is a pretty average laid back baby.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

To mothers everywhere:

Yesterday Spenser had his six month check up (he is officially six months tomorrow) and afterwards, we went to the mall. It was time for Spenser to nurse, so I took him to the bathroom area where they have a nursing room. When I pressed the handle, it was locked. I knocked on the door to make sure someone was actually in there and I got no response. I knocked again, and much louder this time, and still no one answered. About this time, Joul and Chloe walked up to me because Chloe had to use the restroom. Joul stood guard outside the nursing room and I took Chloe to the bathroom. When we walked out, I noticed that the nursing room door was closing and I asked Joul if someone was still in there. He turned around and told me that the lady who just came out did not have a baby. She had been talking on her cell phone!! He said that he gave her the stink eye. How can someone be that rude and that inconsiderate of a baby who needs to eat?? I just couldn't believe it and that women better be glad that I didn't see her coming out with just her cell phone.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My girly girl Chloe and her love of all things girly!

My beautiful four year old little girl is probably the most girly girl I have ever met. I am not so sure where she developed this obsession with pink and all things pertaining to dresses, dancing, hair bows, princesses, pink, and did I mention pink? Well, I love my daughter so much that I decided to try making hair bows just for her. She may not particularly like to sit still while I do her hair, but once it is finished she always runs to her mirror and admires herself! So, last week, I went to the store and bought tons of ribbon and other items to make hair bows. I looked up some instructions on the Internet and got working. Now, I am, by no means, a professional hair bow maker. Nor am I girly myself, so teaching myself how to make hair bows has been quite the adventure. I no longer can feel the tip of my thumb due to the many times the hot glue seemed to jump from the ribbon/clip to my thumb! I have come oh so close to cutting some portion of a finger off with the cutter I use and did I mention that I am NOT girly! I decided to post some of the bows I have made for the many (probably just two) people who read my blog. I must say that the delight and squeal from my little girl about these bows is all I need to keep trying!

This is the first bow I made...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

We spent this 4th of July at Joul's parents house in Conroe. Chloe loves spending so much time with her Nana and Pappy! Chloe and Spenser also got to spend some good time with their Aunt Cathy and Uncle Bobby. Uncle Bobby got Chloe this giant bubble maker wand thing and she had a blast watching Joul make giant bubbles. She would run after the bubbles and run through them to pop them. Spenser just loved all the extra attention he received from family and could not find the time to take many naps! Nana and Pappy took Chloe to watch the 4th of July parade and she had fun waving her flag and yelling happy 4th. Chloe was also excited that they threw candy at her! That night everyone, except Spenser and I, went to see the fireworks. Chloe just loves watching the fireworks light up the sky. It was sweet, according to what Joul told me, to hear Chloe squeal with delight after each blast of fireworks into the sky. Today we went to church with the family and then we went out to eat with some wonderful friends of ours that we miss so much! Chloe enjoyed getting to spend some friend time with their daughter Avery, who is a year older than her.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What a big boy!

Spenser is no longer satisfied simply laying on his back while playing with his toys. He wants to sit up and play. He LOVES it! (the boppy is there because he still falls over sometimes)