Sunday, January 23, 2011

No words...

There are simply no words that can describe the feeling of this...
The realization.       

I never put much thought, actually, to this day. I guess, subconsciously, I figured it would, well, just happen.

My child, my beautiful baby girl. My inquisitive, smart, oh so smart five year old has been awakened to the beauty and love of Christ. She knows of His saving Grace. She knows of His death on the cross. She knows of His resurrection. She knows that HE now lives in her heart.

Praise be to God.
My heart is now relieved.
My body aches with Joy.
My Chloe is now a believer.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Craft time!

Okay, so who has a toddler who likes to throw things? Yeah, I know! So, who gets really annoyed having to find those sippy cups that your toddler threw in the mini-van and it rolled under a seat?? Or when you are on a walk or in the mall and they chunk their sippy cup from their stroller and you have to chase it!? Well, I have found the best solution. I just love this website: Make It and Love it. It is the best crafty website with the best tutorials and ideas. I recently found their tutorial on sippy cup leashes and I made one and it has saved my life!
I took this picture in the garage...but you get the idea. You strap it to the stroller strap and then when they throw the sippy, you don't lose it! Genius!!

I used Olivia's baby car seat to demonstrate, but you get the idea

Here are some more pictures of some crafts I have made for Olivia: bibs, shoes, and a onesie

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Two Year Old

Spenser Tyndale, you are my light. You are my tiny little boy who is now two years old. You have three passions in your life right now: trucks, balls, and mommy (and in that order).

 Since you were just a few months old, I have called you my high needs baby, and high needs, my lovely boy, you are! Spenser you still have issues sleeping all night. You give us a few weeks of wonderful rest and then a week of non stop crying and needing to sleep with your mommy and daddy (we don't mind too much snuggling with you at night). You hardly eat and when you do, you have a better diet than I consisting of mostly veggies. You absolutely hate it when your beloved balls get wet or dirty and we must clean them at once. You must eat breakfast while sitting in some one's lap, preferably your mommy. Oh and your breakfast must be maple and brown sugar oatmeal. You tolerate milk only when eating oatmeal. You will drink a whole glass of milk only if we have put carnation instant breakfast in with your milk. You love cookies. You love candy. You love Spanish rice. You get up at six am almost every morning. You are high needs.

My precious little boy, you love trucks. When I say that I mean, you looove trucks. Anytime you say the word, you say it with a grunt. If someone else (mainly Chloe) simply touches a truck you start screaming for that truck. You will sit down with your basket of trucks and spend almost an hour placing them just right all around you. You do have some airplanes and those make different noises than trucks. Oh and your choo choo trains also have a different noise. I almost forgot your helicopter. I made an incorrect sound for that and you promptly corrected me with the right noise. I never understood a boy and his love of "things that go" until you came along.

We got you a basketball goal for Christmas and you were speechless when it was opened. You have now begun calling it a soccer ball goal and all the correcting in the world will not change your mind. So, you love to shoot your soccer ball into your soccer ball goal, and that is just fine with us. You went through several months of a crazy obsession with football. You watched football, you slept with a football, you went to church with a football, the store with a also grunted and still grunt when you say the word football. I just love that you grunt!

You talk....oh my boy, you talk so much. I love that you say, "what is that" when you want something. I love that when we ask if you want something you say, "okay." I simply cannot get enough of hearing you say "see ya" when you are walking away from me. You say Chloe and Olivia very clearly. I almost cry every time when you say, "thank you" after wanting and giving me a kiss. Your sweet and innocent voice is just magical.

Spenser Tyndale, you are the proudest brother. You adore your sisters and want to spend as much time with them as possible, especially with Chloe. When we pick her up from school you give her the biggest smile. You two play so hard, love so hard, and laugh so hard together. You always want to give Olivia kisses and point out all of her body parts, which we are still trying to get you to just point and not touch her eyeballs! You are such a great brother at such a young age. I love that you love.

Spenser Tyndale, you are my son. You are two years old and I love you very much.


We had a truck/dirt theme for your birthday party.

Here is the happy birthday banner that I made for you and your sisters

This is the cookie stand that I made using cardboard cake plates and scrapbook paper

The yummy dirt cake that I made and put in dump trucks

I think your favorite present you received was your very own drill (just like daddy's)

Singing happy birthday to you, and you actually wore the hat I made you!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


What's weird is you ask anyone I grew up with, especially my siblings, and they would have never guessed that I would grow up to love sewing and crafting. But I do...I can't help myself. If I could, I would spend hours admiring those awesome crafting blogs and then a few more hours attempting my own crafts. Anyway, on with the title of this blog. Starting with Spenser's first birthday and then Chloe's fifth birthday party, I decided that I would begin making the decorations (or as much as I could) for my children's birthday parties. I just thought that was something special and unique I could contribute to my children and I also thought it would be fun to look back at everything when my kids are all grown up. Last week (while preparing for Spenser's second..eek....bday party) I decided that I wanted to make something that I could display at every birthday party for my children. I knew that I wanted to have a birthday banner that I could display for every party and I also knew I wanted to use fabric. I decided to purchase a tan twin sheet and use both girl and boy fabric and spell out happy birthday on the banner...this is what I came up with:

So, it's really wrinkled right now, but for the parties, I'll throw it in the dryer and it will hopefully take out all of the wrinkles. It's also not perfect, but I really do love it. I can't wait until my kids are adults and I am still pulling out the tattered and worn happy birthday sign to celebrate with them!