Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chloe's last day of school, AKA mother's day out

This past semester we decided to enroll Chloe in a mother's day out program. She was so excited when we told her that she would be going to school and she just couldn't wait to meet her teacher and all of her new friends. I still cannot believe that the semester is already over, however, Chloe learned so much from "school" and she cannot wait to go back after the summer is over. On the last day of mother's day out they had a splash day for all of the kids. Joul and I, along with Spenser, went to the school and watched her climb all over the giant inflatable water slide. On Sunday is end of the year performance, and I cannot wait to see her sing in front of everyone.

Chloe waiting to line up to go outside...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Super Spenser

My adorable four month old Spenser Tyndale has finally mastered the art of rolling over. He has spent months simply rolling to his side, but has now figured out how to finish the act. Here are a few of his favorite things to do:
  • He loves to slobber, but more importantly, he loves to hold in his slobber and then spit a mouthful of slobber out at a time
  • He loves to be tickled and to let out a really deep and loud giggle
  • He absolutely loves to have his toes rubbed together
  • Spenser gets a big kick out of watching his mommy and daddy talk, he thinks we are hilarious!
  • Spenser still hates the car seat, but tolerates it when he can see his mommy
  • Spenser thinks it is so intriguing to go on walks in the double stroller with his sister. The world around him is just so interesting
  • Spenser loves to be rocked and usually falls asleep immediately after the rocking begins...

I just love my Spenser Tyndale and cannot get enough of his little life....

Spenser's guidelines to rolling over:

You begin by playing with your toys and smiling at mommy......

Then you attempt the roll to the side.....

Then you take a break to play with your toys some more.....

Then you roll ALL the way over.....

And smile at mommy!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rain, Rain don't go away....

We went to College Station this weekend to spend some time with the grandparents and other family. We were all excited to get the pool out and play with the water guns that Mimi had bought for the kids (Chloe and her cousin, Tyler), however, it started to rain. We thought that the day was ruined, until we realized that the kids would have a blast playing in the rain. We put them in their swimsuits and let them loose in the backyard. Chloe and Tyler loved running around and blasting each other with their water guns.

Stuffed animals are yummy!!

This past week, we discovered something that absolutely delighted our little boy. He loves Chloe's stuffed animals. We will put one in front of him and he raises his arms and gets all excited. He loves to put each one in his mouth and taste them. He has realized that some don't taste as good as others, but he loves to feel them and push them around on his bumbo tray.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Houston Zoo

We took Spenser and Chloe to the Houston zoo this week. Believe it or not, Chloe has never been to the zoo and so we thought this week was the best time to go. Oh and we also had free tickets that expire in July! Now, Chloe was the perfect age to bring to the Zoo. She was so excited and could actually verbalize that excitement. We can also reason with her and she understands our explanations of certain situations. Anyway, Chloe had a blast. She would barely turn around from each exhibit in order for me to snap a picture. Of course, Spenser's experience was a bit different. He is not a big fan of the car seat, so we decided to just let him ride around in the double stroller. He enjoyed that for a bit, but then he wanted to be held. I put him in the carrier (seen below), which of course made both of us sweat like crazy, but he did seem to enjoy hanging around in there.

Okay, at lunch was my first time to nurse Spenser in public. Usually, I find a restroom or actual nursing room to feed him. However, at the zoo, those accommodations were just not possible. So, we went into the cafe that was thankfully air conditioned and I sat in the back booth and tried to hide myself with the stroller. I use a wrap which does conceal what I am actually doing, but Spenser was so hot, that he kept trying to pull the wrap off of him. Luckily, Spenser was unable to pull the wrap off and I was able to nurse him successfully. I am just so thankful to have a baby that is such a great nurser and to also have so much support from friends and family. Anyway, The zoo was fun and we hope to go back when Spenser is much older.


The month of May has already been a crazy one for Joul and I. The Spring semester ended and then Joul began teaching a May mini-mester with no break at all. Of course, he is teaching at night which means he has been home during the day. I am loving that he is home because it gives me another adult to talk to and Chloe just loves playing with her daddy.

Chloe turned four at the end of April but just had her four year old check up this week. She was so excited for this appointment. I think she was just glad that the attention was on her and not Spenser. Well, she did everything they asked her to do. She hopped on one foot, drew a circle, and then drew an H (even though they asked her to draw an X, but she loves drawing H's). They attempted a vision test with her, but decided that she was too young to understand the concept. They also did a hearing test which she thought was just a fun game...she did pass. Anyway, she was so happy up until the nurse came in with the big giant needles. She started shaking and got really scared and of course began screaming as soon as the shots were given. However, she stopped once she realized that she was getting stickers for being so brave. Anyway, I am just in awe of how much my beautiful little baby girl has grown into a beautiful four year old child.

Spenser turned four months old at the beginning of May. He is 15 pounds 2 ounces and 24 inches long. He has grown so much in the last month. He loves playing with his toys on his play mat and his favorite toys are his rings. He loves to talk to his mommy and daddy and giggle really hard when we tickle him. He loves nursing and won't drink from a bottle. He loves to wake up early in the morning to eat and then go back to sleep for a long nap. He loves to play with his sister and just gets tickled when she sings to him. He is such a wonderful baby boy and I can't wait to watch him grow up.