Tuesday, June 15, 2010

THE cutest little dancer

Okay, so Chloe had her very first BIG dance recital on June 12th. All semester long, Chloe's class had been learning and practicing their three dances for the recital. They had three different costume changes, they had to change into two different color tights, and they also had to change between their ballet shoes and their tap shoes. The wonderful moms who volunteered to do all of this backstage will forever be amazing moms because that was not an easy task. Oh and Chloe had to wear eye liner, mascara, red lipstick, and brown eyeshadow.....yeah good thing there was a mom who put all of this on her, or she would have looked like some sort of scary clown if I had to apply the makeup.

Anyway, I managed to take a few, not so good, pictures during each performance. It was difficult because flash photography was not allowed, and I forgot to put my camera on the setting for taking moving pictures. I also failed to take any video. However, these girls were so adorable and despite forgetting most of their moves, managed to probably be the highlight of the afternoon.
The opening number....(Chloe is the third from the left)

Their ballet dance....probably my favorite (Chloe is fourth from the left)

The tap dance

At the end of the recital, showing off her "cutest dancer" trophy
(Which we totally bought and made up for her)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Biggest Dresser EVER

Okay, so a few months ago I found a dresser at a garage sale for $40. It was really ugly, but I thought that I could paint it and then antique it a little.

The before picture:

I decided on an off-white base coat and then we applied a blue on top of that. I then antiqued the entire piece of furniture. Now my idea of antiquing is just making it look old and worn, which is a look that I think I achieved. However, the dresser is HUGE and it's a lot of blue and the blue is also way lighter than I thought. We painted/antiqued the mirrors as well, but they really dated the furniture in a not so good way, so we threw those out. I will probably just buy a mirror to hang on the wall. I do like it and for now, it is being stored in our living room since Olivia doesn't have a room in our current house (which will change in a few weeks when we move). I might even replace the drawer handles, but for now I kind of still like them. Anyway, I can't wait to actually use the dresser/changing table in September.