Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The big O-N-E

My dear boy

You would think that your little life began twelve short months ago, however, that is not entirely true. A little over eight years ago, your daddy and I began thinking about you. See....Daddy is a very smart and loving man who decided on a name for his son before he even met your mommy. This name was a very heavy and meaningful name that would probably only be special to Daddy and eventually mommy. When Daddy began dating Mommy, he told me that when we get married and have our first son, he would be named Spenser Tyndale Smith. I would love to say that I fell in love with the name at soon as I heard it, however, I did not. Fast forward eight years: we have been married for seven years and we have a son named Spenser Tyndale Smith. My beautiful son, you are named after Edmund Spenser who was an English poet best recognized as one of the premier craftsman of Modern English Verse in its infancy. Your middle name is after William Tyndale who is best known as the man who first translated the Bible into English. I love the name, I love the meaning, and I love you.

Today you turn one. Today, you are no longer considered a baby, but move into the world of toddler-hood. Of course, for this mommy, you will forever be my little baby boy. These past twelve months have been such a joy with you in our family. Your smile warms my heart and your laughter brings me to my knees. The Lord blessed this family beyond any measure when He brought you into our lives.

I hope that the love you have for your sister stays strong and your love of messing with her stays even stronger! Your wonderful personality has begun to blossom and your love of adventure is very evident. Spenser, my crazy guy, you are not afraid of anything. You climb to the top of the picnic table and look around as if you just conquered the highest mountain. You grab any ball you can find and chunk it across the room in victory. You race to your sister's room and stand up at her dollhouse with a huge smile because you know she does not like that! You destroy any and all block buildings with as much gusto as a wrecking ball. You love hard, play hard, and live hard. You are one hundred percent boy and I totally love that about you!

One year ago today, we were anxiously awaiting your arrival........

This is the first time I was able to meet you...

Your big sister was was so excited when she was finally able to meet you!

Going home! You were absolutely perfect!

Here you are today. A big one year old boy! I love you