Friday, May 22, 2009

Houston Zoo

We took Spenser and Chloe to the Houston zoo this week. Believe it or not, Chloe has never been to the zoo and so we thought this week was the best time to go. Oh and we also had free tickets that expire in July! Now, Chloe was the perfect age to bring to the Zoo. She was so excited and could actually verbalize that excitement. We can also reason with her and she understands our explanations of certain situations. Anyway, Chloe had a blast. She would barely turn around from each exhibit in order for me to snap a picture. Of course, Spenser's experience was a bit different. He is not a big fan of the car seat, so we decided to just let him ride around in the double stroller. He enjoyed that for a bit, but then he wanted to be held. I put him in the carrier (seen below), which of course made both of us sweat like crazy, but he did seem to enjoy hanging around in there.

Okay, at lunch was my first time to nurse Spenser in public. Usually, I find a restroom or actual nursing room to feed him. However, at the zoo, those accommodations were just not possible. So, we went into the cafe that was thankfully air conditioned and I sat in the back booth and tried to hide myself with the stroller. I use a wrap which does conceal what I am actually doing, but Spenser was so hot, that he kept trying to pull the wrap off of him. Luckily, Spenser was unable to pull the wrap off and I was able to nurse him successfully. I am just so thankful to have a baby that is such a great nurser and to also have so much support from friends and family. Anyway, The zoo was fun and we hope to go back when Spenser is much older.

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