Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Joul and I took Spenser and Chloe to the beach in Galveston yesterday. My parents, AKA Meme and Papa, met us there and we spent a wonderful day at the beach. Chloe spent the entire time in the ocean. We forced her to get out twice: once to use the restroom and once to eat lunch. Chloe was such a natural beach girl and just loved floating in the water with the waves. Chloe could have spent ALL day at the beach, but we made her leave after only five hours! Spenser loved splashing around in the water and would giggle with delight as the waves came crashing in. Spenser is such a good baby and he was so happy the entire time. Here are a few pics of our day. I only got a few pics of Chloe because she spent most of her time too far away in the water!

Chloe going to get water in her bucket

Spenser splashing around in the water

Giving Meme a BIG kiss

Chloe being buried in the sand

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