Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Beautiful Baby Girl

For the past, well almost five months, our darling four year old princess Chloe has been telling anyone who would listen that there is a baby girl in mommy's tummy. Every time Chloe would state this, I would have to explain to her that we just did not know yet. However, the wait is finally over. The sweet anticipation to know the gender of this amazing child growing inside of me has been relieved from my mind and heart. We found out on 4/8/10 that we are going to be blessed with, yet another, beautiful baby girl in September. Joul and I, upon hearing AND seeing this wonderful news, were simply put: overwhelmed with emotion, pride, and joy. I think, deep down inside, we both wanted another girl. Partly for Chloe, and partly because there is just something about baby girls that is indescribable. Now, don't get my wrong, I absolutely love my son and would have been just as excited if we were expecting a boy....we are just really happy with our family and the way God has blessed us.

Several of our friends and family may recall that we had a girls name picked out when we were expecting Spenser. However, this past year, while planning this next pregnancy, we began to waiver on the girls name. For months, we have been searching and deciding, and panicking (okay just me...and maybe my mom), however, we have officially decided on a name. Now, I hate surprises, and I definitely hate waiting on telling others such wonderful news. So, I just cannot be one of those moms who waits the entire nine months to spill the name. So, here she is:

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  1. I'm glad you don't like to keep it a secret. :) Thanks for sharing. I think Chloe, Spenser, and Olivia sound perfect together. Too bad we have to wait so much longer to meet her!