Saturday, October 9, 2010

one month

Today my darling Olivia, you are already one month! I cannot believe that thirty days have gone by since you made your entrance into this crazy world. Life seems to pass so quickly with our little family and your daddy and I could not be happier. You bring so much joy to your parents and I think even more joy to your siblings. Chloe is the best big sister and always wants to hold you and talk to you. She loves that you two have matching bows to wear and she cannot wait to play dress up with you when you get old enough. If your sweet brother Spenser simply sees you, he wants to give you a hug. We spend most days just hugging you and I think you are okay with that! You have begun to spend more time awake and I just love staring at you. Your eyes are starting to lighten up and I think you are going to have the same beautiful, bright, blue eyes that Chloe and Spenser have! Olivia Brontë, you melt my heart and I am beyond in love with you.

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