Monday, April 25, 2011

What a month....

The month of April is just too much for me these days. I had two MOPS ( meetings, I hosted and coordinated my BFF's baby shower, my sweet Chloe was baptized and my lovely Olivia was dedicated at church, and we have a million birthdays this month. (well maybe not a million, but we have two cousins, two friends, and two aunts who have birthdays....and our very own CHLOE!)

That brings me to a preview of what is to come this Saturday. My oh-so-excited, soon-to-be six year old is having a Sweet Shoppe birthday party. She officially turns six on Friday and she is counting down the days. I have a preview of the sweet shoppe sign that will hang above the sweets table. I attempted a vintage feel and I really think that the party is coming together. My goal has been lately to make as much of the party decor, etc as I can. Most of what I do is either borrowed from the internet or was inspired by something that I saw on one of a million craft blogs that I stalk.

Here is the sign. It's hard to see in this photo, and I promise to get a closer up picture of it the day of the party, but I actually sewed the crepe paper into ruffles to give it more depth. (if you click on the picture, it might let you see it enlarged) I just love how it turned out and I cannot wait until Saturday. I can't tell who is more excited, Chloe or me! I probaby won't sleep much this week, but it will be totally worth it. Until later...

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