Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Did I seriously make that?

Okay, so I still have no idea how I managed to actually sew and make Olivia's diaper bag. I spent several hours a day (during nap time/quiet time) for a few days cutting out just the material for this bag. Then, my wonderful husband came home early yesterday and I was able to spend a solid five hours on the thing. I know, five hours, but I do believe it was worth it. I was able to pick out the fabric I wanted and I even added my own special touch by sewing on Olivia's name on the front of the bag. I do believe that it will be a VERY long time before I even attempt making another bag, but I am proud of myself for not giving up and actually accomplishing such a huge task.

Here is the before picture: This is probably about half of the fabric I had cut out for the bag, it wouldn't all fit in the picture!

The finished product (and it only cost me about $10 in materials!)

The inside of the bag with the two side pockets

The outside back pocket (pulled open so you can see the pretty fabric)

I also sewed two outside pockets on the sides of the bag...for cups and stuff. The inside of those pockets is lined with the same material as the pocket in the above picture.

More sewing projects and pictures to come soon...

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  1. That is super cute! You should sell them on etsy!