Saturday, January 15, 2011

Craft time!

Okay, so who has a toddler who likes to throw things? Yeah, I know! So, who gets really annoyed having to find those sippy cups that your toddler threw in the mini-van and it rolled under a seat?? Or when you are on a walk or in the mall and they chunk their sippy cup from their stroller and you have to chase it!? Well, I have found the best solution. I just love this website: Make It and Love it. It is the best crafty website with the best tutorials and ideas. I recently found their tutorial on sippy cup leashes and I made one and it has saved my life!
I took this picture in the garage...but you get the idea. You strap it to the stroller strap and then when they throw the sippy, you don't lose it! Genius!!

I used Olivia's baby car seat to demonstrate, but you get the idea

Here are some more pictures of some crafts I have made for Olivia: bibs, shoes, and a onesie


  1. I looooove Make It and Love It, too. I have seen the sippy leash, but I don't give Annelise the sippy in the stroller very often, so I didn't think it was something I needed. But she has become a pro at throwing the sippy from the high chair after EVERY sip, often dropping it right on the poor dog. I'm thinking we need this for the high chair right away!!! Cute blog! I've just started one, too. Come find me at

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  3. Ok...having trouble with posting a comment...but anyway, I tested the sippy cup leash with the high chair and it really does work! I just didn't have a chance to take a picture of it. I'm glad you started a craft we can inspire each other!