Monday, May 23, 2011

Chloe's Sweet Shoppe

Chloe's sixth birthday party was a sweet shoppe.

The invitation that I made
 (with our address scratched out of course)

This is the sign that greeted Chloe's guests to her shoppe

Here is Chloe in front of her shoppe
I made the hanging pom poms and the sign and then I covered diaper boxes in pink wrapping paper to give the table some different levels. I also added some fresh pink carnations to the table. The sign is made from alternating pink and white party streamers that I sewed into tiny ruffles

A close up of the table

Another close up of the table
(The sign says "how sweet it is to be Chloe")

The party hats I made...I wanted them to have a vintage feel

The happy birthday sign that I made for all of my kids to use at their parties

And of course her signature drink is pink lemonade

Chloe's favorite sandwiches have always been peanut butter and jelly and then turkey and cheese
(and I just realized I misspelled sandwiches...of course)

Photo Booth
(I nailed a pink sheet to the side of the house and then set up props for the kids to use as I took their pictures)

The kids filling their bags with candy, with help from Joul the candy man

This may have been my favorite party to plan. Everything was so whimsical, vintage, pink, and just plain fun. I know my darling Chloe and her friends and cousins had a blast. Now to plan for birthday number seven...hmmm

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