Friday, September 9, 2011

Olivia Brontë Smith

My sweet sweet Olivia Brontë, I cannot believe that you were born one whole year ago. You are the baby of the family and I desperately wanted to keep you that way. I love the little lady you are becoming and you have brought an overflowing amount of joy to our family.

Being the baby of the family has not slowed you down one bit. In fact, I catch you quite often beating up on your older brother. You are the size of a two year old and you know it! You have been walking for about a month now and you LOVE it. You have the most wonderful personality filled with feisty grins, independent thinking, and a loving heart.

Olivia, I love that chase is your new favorite game. You take off running and when you can tell that I am about to catch you, your deep giggle bursts from your belly...oh how I love those times. I love that you say the word no to any question I ask you. I love that you want to walk down the middle of the street EVERY time we go on a walk. I love how you squeal like a pig when you don't get your way and when you do get your way. I love how you love to snuggle up with me while holding your beloved blanket and sucking on your thumb...but not for too long because you have stuff to do. I love how you love to dance! I love your big heart. I love your big smile. I love your big laugh. I also looove your big belly!

My Olivia, my baby girl...Happy First Birthday


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