Friday, September 16, 2011

Olivia is One

The Party...

So I have to confess, I spent around six months planning Olivia's first birthday party. I mean, she is my last child, my last first birthday, my LAST. So sad, yet so exciting and exhilarating. Now, I am no party expert and I definitely don't have a huge following on pinterest, but I love to plan parties. I love doing the research, the decisions, making all the decorations, making the invitations, and the list could go on. I love the stress, the excitement, the thrill and the MESS! I just love it and I think parties love me.

For Olivia's birthday, I didn't really have a huge theme. It was basically "Olivia is One" with vintage girly thrown in there for good measure. Now, I couldn't explain vintage girly to you, nor did I have the financial resources to throw the huge elaborate vintage girly party I really wanted to plan. I do all my parties for under $200. EVERYTHING from the decor, to the food, to the presents...all under budget. So, some things I can't do, most things I make, and I just hope it all turns out the way I envision it.

The invitation that I made...took a million photos of the crazy girl and this was THE only picture that I could use!

The banners I made that greeted guests as they walked up to the house

I made "Olivia is One" candy bar wrappers and put them over Hershey bars for party favors

Just something cute I made that the guests saw as they walked into the house

Olivia wearing her party hat that I made her...she only wore it for five seconds

 Olivia trying to get into the presents...and you can see the cute polka dot bloomers I made for her to wear under her tutu

The table...I just love how it turned out. I made the table backdrop. I covered it with pink fabric and burlap. Then I made scrapbook paper loops and cardstock butterflies to hang on the backdrop

The cupcake liner flower I made that I got from this website:

The cupcake stand that I made using cardboard cake circles that I covered in scrapbook paper. I also made the cupcake toppers and my BFF made the cupcakes for me.

My sweet Olivia sitting in front of the birthday banner I sewed to use at all my kids parties

Me and the birthday girl

Um...cutest baby in a tutu EVER! This was my first time making a tutu, and I think it turned out pretty cute.

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