Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My girly girl Chloe and her love of all things girly!

My beautiful four year old little girl is probably the most girly girl I have ever met. I am not so sure where she developed this obsession with pink and all things pertaining to dresses, dancing, hair bows, princesses, pink, and did I mention pink? Well, I love my daughter so much that I decided to try making hair bows just for her. She may not particularly like to sit still while I do her hair, but once it is finished she always runs to her mirror and admires herself! So, last week, I went to the store and bought tons of ribbon and other items to make hair bows. I looked up some instructions on the Internet and got working. Now, I am, by no means, a professional hair bow maker. Nor am I girly myself, so teaching myself how to make hair bows has been quite the adventure. I no longer can feel the tip of my thumb due to the many times the hot glue seemed to jump from the ribbon/clip to my thumb! I have come oh so close to cutting some portion of a finger off with the cutter I use and did I mention that I am NOT girly! I decided to post some of the bows I have made for the many (probably just two) people who read my blog. I must say that the delight and squeal from my little girl about these bows is all I need to keep trying!

This is the first bow I made...

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