Sunday, July 12, 2009


I cannot believe that my baby boy is six months old already! Joul and I are so blessed to have Spenser as our son.

This is what our Spenser has been doing lately:

Spenser has totally fallen in love with his pacy. We did not think that he would do this because for the past few months he has not even wanted one. However, recently, he LOVES to have it as much as he can. He has been eating baby food very well for the past month or so and we have even started giving him this food twice a day. His favorite toy is his dumbbell rattle and he gets a big kick out of shaking it really hard. He is sitting up by himself really well and is finally taking some really good naps in his bed. He is still fascinated with being outside and he has this crazy hair that seems to get bigger the longer he is outside in the humidity. He absolutely adores his big sister Chloe and can just talk to her forever! As long as she is around, he is quite content. He weighs a little over 16 pounds and is a pretty average laid back baby.

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  1. he looks like a sweetheart! Hard to believe he's 6 mths old especially because that means Finley will be in 2 weeks!