Saturday, July 11, 2009

To mothers everywhere:

Yesterday Spenser had his six month check up (he is officially six months tomorrow) and afterwards, we went to the mall. It was time for Spenser to nurse, so I took him to the bathroom area where they have a nursing room. When I pressed the handle, it was locked. I knocked on the door to make sure someone was actually in there and I got no response. I knocked again, and much louder this time, and still no one answered. About this time, Joul and Chloe walked up to me because Chloe had to use the restroom. Joul stood guard outside the nursing room and I took Chloe to the bathroom. When we walked out, I noticed that the nursing room door was closing and I asked Joul if someone was still in there. He turned around and told me that the lady who just came out did not have a baby. She had been talking on her cell phone!! He said that he gave her the stink eye. How can someone be that rude and that inconsiderate of a baby who needs to eat?? I just couldn't believe it and that women better be glad that I didn't see her coming out with just her cell phone.

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