Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beautiful weather and biking fun!

Joul and I recently bought some bikes for ourselves and a bike trailer for Spenser so we can all ride bikes with Chloe. Bike riding has now become our Saturday morning activity at the park and everyone has a great time. Spenser was a little afraid of the bike trailer at first, but now he really enjoys riding along and watching the scenery. Chloe loves that now she can go as fast as she wants and Joul and I can actually keep up. Of course since I am pregnant, I don't know how much longer I will be able to ride with the family....hopefully I will be able to enjoy this activity for a few more months.

Also, the kids and I went outside this morning and the weather was beautiful. We were able to wear shorts and run around in the nice Spring weather. Of course, we were actually headed to the store, but I managed to lock my entire purse in the car...again! Luckily I was able to email Joul and he came home and unlocked the van for me. We both decided that Joul's set of van keys were now going to be left in the house because I will do this again.

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