Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spenser's first fall

My son, what a boy! The other day, we were playing outside and Spenser tripped over something. He was wearing shorts, so when he went down, he scraped his knee. He kind of whimpered and looked up to me for me to pick him up. When I looked at his knee I noticed it was bleeding. I began to take him to Joul so he could clean Spenser's knee, however, when Spenser noticed he was being taken inside, he immediately wiggled out of my arms and acted as if nothing had happened. He was so cute! If this was Chloe, she would still be crying about it, and of course, unable to walk. I just love my princess and my crazy guy!
Okay, so it doesn't look that bad, but I am his mommy, and it hurt!
Helping daddy clean his knee
All better!

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