Saturday, March 27, 2010


Okay, so my son officially loves dirt. It may have taken Chloe four years to give into the awesomeness that is dirt, however, she now also loves dirt. Now that the weather has been nice, we have spent a lot of time outside. The other day, I noticed that Spenser was spending a large amount of time at the end of our driveway. Now, we live at the end of a cul-de-sac, and receive no traffic. So I wasn't really worried about him playing by the street as I was the amount of time he was spending there. When I began to walk towards him, I noticed he was rubbing his paci in the dirt and then sticking the paci back in his mouth. When he noticed me, he began to giggle and started to run away. My son, he loves dirt.
A few days ago, we were all playing in the backyard while Joul did some yard work. He decided to take the hose and make a mud pit for the kids to play around in. Oh my goodness, that was a HUGE success. Of course, my beautiful princess was in a dress, and she did not hesitate sitting right down in that mud pit. Spenser ran (well as fast as a one year old can run) over to the mud and immediately started squishing his hands all in the mud and then took the liberty to place a nice glob of mud on his sister's face. Oh the joys of Spring: sunny weather, bike rides, frisbee games, and the best one of all, DIRT!

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