Sunday, June 28, 2009

Over the river and through the woods.....

To Grandmother's house we'll go....

Okay actually it was Mimi's and Papa's house that we visited this past weekend. My sister and her wonderful family were moving from Huntsville to Dallas and they made a one night stop in College Station, so we met them there in order to spend some much needed family and cousin time. Their son, Tyler, is a year older than Chloe and they have such a unique bond. They actually act more like brother and sister than cousins, and we are going to miss them now that they are living even farther away from us, six hours to be exact! Anyway, we had a fun night with them and we hope that they enjoy their new home! My mom recently retired from teaching preschool for over twenty years and was finally able to bring home all of her fun toys, games, books, and dress up clothes that she had accumulated over the years.

Chloe and Joul playing a game (Chloe in a dress-up dress) and Spenser watching

Spenser just realized that he was hungry!

Spenser and his awesome daddy

Chloe dressed up as an astronaut

What a cutie!

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