Saturday, June 20, 2009

We LOVE Fridays!

Joul is teaching summer school this summer which means he has been teaching non-stop since the Spring semester began. However, he is home on Friday's which makes the weeks go by so much faster. This past Friday we all got up early and headed to the store because Joul needed a new weed eater and it is always fun to pack up two kids and take them to the store. Also, around here, early in the morning is just about the only time we can go outside until after the sun starts going down. Anyway, when we got home, I fed Spenser and Chloe and Joul mowed and weed eated the yard. Of course Joul did most of the work and Chloe just ran around and played on her swing set. Then, after lunch, Joul and Chloe decided to wash the car. We ended our lovely Friday with a night at the park. It was so much fun and we just love Joul and everything that he does for our family!

Chloe right after I told her that she put her shirt on backwards

Chloe washing the car

Joul and Chloe walking on the bridge thing across the lake at the park

Chloe playing at the playground

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